WG’s Quick Tips for Staying Consistent and Productive in 2021

Tye: maintain a consistent morning routine to (1) prepare mentally and physically for the day ahead; and (2) remind yourself what you’re grateful for.

Kylee: take the necessary time to find out ‘why’ you do what you do.

Yaffa: Make sure you start your day at the same time you did while in the office, and remember to get up every hour [or so] and stretch.

Aaron: Quick hot take — boundaries have been blurred and in some cases, entirely removed.

TIP 1 – Create communication boundaries with clients, co-workers, friends, and family. 

TIP 2 – Use the ability to shift your “time” to work to your benefit, and thus being more productive when you work. This may mean staying to a strict 9-5 routine and staying at your desk, or this may mean that you work more on the weekends and lessen the load during the day during the typical workweek (regardless).

TIP 3 – Capitalize on and Commit to the time you choose to work.

Shahrokh: Maintain a consistent exercise routine, get sufficient sleep and meditate. Also, prepare a tasks list at the end of each week and end of each day for the following week / day.

Matt: This podcast with Jordan Harbinger and productivity expert Greg McKeown was great. Greg’s concept of “Essentialism” might be one to investigate and reference: Elite Time Management & Networking