WG Core Values

Communication: Communication intertwines itself into everything we do at WG. We believe that simplicity and transparency should be at the core of each interaction. Communication ties together our three other values because with communication we can better understand and meet each other’s needs, with communication we can articulate our care and concern for others, and with communication we can have a better awareness of others and therefore empathize with their current circumstance. 

Service: Perspective is everything and as such WG chooses to view its work as service, both for our clients as well as for each other by doing our best to provide value in any way possible.

Caring: We understand that behind each transaction there is a person, and it is that person that we care about. We hope to resolve their issues, meet their needs, and care for them in whichever way we can. 

Empathy: WG truly enjoys working with people and all the dynamics that it brings. With a deeper understanding of what our clients are dealing with we are better able to serve and guide them.