Weinberg Gonser LLP Welcomes Three New Entertainment Attorneys

Weinberg Gonser LLP is pleased to announce three attorneys joining our firm in the Entertainment department. We are excited to introduce Jordan Yospe as Partner, and John Maatta and Ken Suddleson as Of Counsel, respectively. Yospe, Maatta, and Suddleson are each highly regarded for their experience in all facets of the entertainment industry and bring much value to our firm and our clients’ success.

Jordan Yospe is considered one of the country’s leading brand integration experts and an authority in sourcing, negotiating, and managing brand licensing and merchandising deals for feature films, television, new media, sports, music, and video games. As both an entertainment lawyer and feature film and television producer, Jordan has significant experience negotiating and drafting size and seven-figure integration, sponsorship, and activation agreements. Jordan’s pioneering work on the integration of brands into entertainment has been featured in a front-page article in The New York Times, and he has been recognized as a distinguished entertainment lawyer by Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, the National Law Journal, and the LA Business Journal. Jordan has worked on over 50 feature film and television projects in a producer or brand integration consulting producer capacity, some of which include: House of Cards, Ted/Ted 2, Grown Ups/Grown Ups 2, Survivor, and The Apprentice.

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John Maatta has spent several years as a senior executive at Warner Bros. and The CW Television Network. John served as the Executive Vice President and General Counsel at The CW Television Network; prior to those positions, he also served as Co-Head and Chief Operating Officer of the Network. John also served as the Chief Operating Officer as well as its Executive Vice President and General Counsel of the WB Television Network. John is experienced with issues involving production, finance, distribution, and representation of content creators and performers. John is also a highly experienced trial lawyer and litigated matters in both State and Federal courts. John serves on the Board of Wizard Brands, Inc. and the Board of Trader Vic’s Restaurant Corporation where he is the former Chairman.

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Ken Suddleson has represented major motion picture studios in matters such as film library acquisitions and motion picture development, production, and distribution. In his private practice, Ken served as Executive Vice President, Office of the Chairman of Paramount Pictures, where he shared responsibility for the overall management of the company and its various subsidiaries. While at Paramount, Ken founded, implemented, and supervised the Paramount Fellowship Program, involving the selection and full-time employment of creative talent of candidates from seven universities and colleges. Ken has also represented domestic and international major independent film and television production companies, network and cable television programming producers, as well as several major Japanese entertainment companies and broadcasters. Since 1995, Ken has been an adjunct professor at the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television.

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