Tye’s Book Barn: Book of the Month (July 2021)

Tye's Book Barn

Book: See No Stranger by Valarie Kaur

Why its Great: Valarie tells her story of living as a Sikh in post-911 America. Sadly, the Sikh community (and many others) endure hate and fear on a daily basis, and Valarie chooses to meet and overcome hate through revolutionary love. Revolutionary love is the belief that compassion, listening, empathy and love lead to understanding, and true understanding of others can help bring us together and heal the world. 

Valarie is an extraordinary person and her book if chock-full of tears, laughter, understanding, perspective and positive growth. One of my favorite quotes: “You are not a stranger to me, you are a part of me I yet do not know, sit down and tell me who you are.” The more people that read this book, the better for us all…

Rating (out of 5 Giddy-Ups): 4 Giddy-Ups!